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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Captain's Siesta

I have been on a real Captain Morgan's kick lately. I had never had it before and stumbled upon it in a drink I had in a restaurant. From there I was trying to concoct new recipes with this stuff!

Now, most of the drinks I have seen or concocted had more of a Caribbean flare to them, but I am much more of a Mexican girl and love drinks that really have that flare of Mexican cooking to them. I do mucho Mexican cooking and love to "pair" drinks to them. This is one that I thought of.

So, here we go:


2 oz Captain Morgans Spiced Rum
1 oz FRESH SQUEEZED Lime juice
1 Oz Sweet and Sour
1/2 oz Agave Nectar
Grapefruit Soda, such as 50/50


1) Place ice in a tall glass or mason jar (for effect)
2) In a shaker, place a handful of ice, Captain Morgan's, lime juice, sweet and sour and agave nectar.
3) Shake for 60 seconds and pour into glass.
4) Top with soda and stir gently
5) Garnish as desired and serve!

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