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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jacques Pepin New Complete Techniques

Book: Jacques Pepin New Techniques Cookbook

Author: Jacques Pepin

Release date (if applicable): November 1, 2012

Synopsis: A step by step guide for meat butchering, fish, vegetable, bread and baking.

My rating: 2 stars

My opinion: IMPORTANT NOTE: I am writing this review from the perspective of unprofessional, home based cooks/bakers. On that note, know anyone who is studying the culinary arts and/or is a professional chef where they are working with slabs of meat, this book is a must purchase with its' layout.

I found for the meat butchering in the US today already butchered meat is readily accessible and most cooks don't need to butcher their own meat. Second, the meat that was depicted in this book is very rare for US cooks. I found the same to be the same with the vegetable recipes. Some of the vegetables might even be difficult for cooks to find.

One other thing that bothered me regarding this cookbook was that it was a step by step instruction guide yet I thought the pictures were grainy and of low quality. I specifically kept this book on my computer to review it for this purpose of viewing the photos. Details could be identified, but I felt the photos for the purpose of the book could have been crisper.

On that note and the reason why this book received 2 stars instead of a lower rating, is the bread and dessert recipes in this book. They were fantastic and ones I am looking forward to making.

Source: Netgalley for publisher

Would I recommend? : See note above

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