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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dew Drop

So, we have another Naomi Blackburn original. I was on a search for drinks for The Pub and Grub and Bette Lee Crosby's Midweek Mixers. I was watching a Tipsy Bartender video and he had a drink called the Mountain Dew Me that made me take a second look. Now, it seemed tasty and when I made it, it was ok, but was definitely missing stuff. Not to mention, there was no way that I could send Bette a drink called the Mountain Dew Me.

So, I got to concocting. This is definitely different. It is a blend of coconut, melon and pineapple. The Mountain Dew topper, definitely something I would never consider in tropical drinks, definitely adds a touch.

A huge shout out of thanks to my bud, Andrea Tiberi for the name. I wanted something creative. I can create the drinks, but stink at naming them. Dew Drop fits this drink perfectly.

On that note, here we go!:


2 oz Malibu Rum
1 oz CREAM of coconut (not coconut milk or water)
1 oz triple sec
1 oz midori
1 oz pineapple juice
2 oz Mountain Dew (I only drink diet Dew and it was fine)


1) In a shaker filled with ice, place first 5 ingredients. Shake vigorously to incorporate the cream of coconut.

2) Pour into a well chilled hurricane glass filled with ice. Top with the Mountain Dew.

3) Stir gently to incorporate the Dew, but not to break up the bubbles.