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Friday, February 24, 2012

Iced Coffee (serves 1)


As I was wandering around, which is a pretty common thing for me to do, I came across a recipe for Iced Coffee. Now, I love Iced Coffee, I just don't like paying the costs for it at Starbucks or places like it. This recipe intrigued me. Could it be the same?? Could I quit depriving myself?? How could I play with the recipe to make it my own?? Well, I found out the answer to all 3 of my questions! I am going to give the original recipe for a low-fat version which is beautiful for everyday use. Then, I will give my recipe with several variations. All were superb!

So, here we go!

Original recipe:

2 t. Instant Coffee
1 T. sweetner of your choice (sugar, equal, etc)
3 T. warm water
6 oz. fat free milk


1) In a mason jar or any jar with a tight fitting lid, place first 3 ingredients. Shake for approximately 30 seconds to ensure ingredients are blended.

2) Put ice and 6 oz of milk in jar and reseal.  Want a variation, this is when those flavorings would be added. Shake for 60 seconds and pour into glass.

Naomi's recipe for full fat version (not one to be drank everyday and not shown!):

Prepare as same above, but substitue 6 oz of whole milk or half and half for fat free milk.

Variations (works with either non fat or full fat recipes):

Mocha Iced Coffee: Place 1 T. chocolate syrup in first step and continue as usual. Top with whipped cream and drizzle chocolate syrup
Caramel Iced Coffee: Same as above, substitute caramel topping for chocolate syrup
Flavored Coffee Creamers: I have been known to throw in some flavored creamer as well.

Alcoholic Variations (serves 2)

Disaronno Iced Coffee: Place 2 oz of DiSaronno in first step. Continue as usual. Top with whipped cream
Kahlua Iced Coffee: Place 2 oz of any flavor of Kahlua and continue as usual.

Note: Alcoholic Variations could be used as an after dinner drink. They should only be used with half and half to carry the alcohol.

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