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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Sweet Magnolia's Cookbook by Sherryl Woods and Chef Teddi Wohlford

Book: The Sweet Magnolias Cookbook: More Than 150 Favorite Southern Recipes

Author: Sherryl Woods and Chef Teddi Wohlford

Release date (if applicable): August 28, 2012

Synopsis: A collection of excellent recipes "based" off the author's The Sweet Magnolias series.

My rating: 5 Stars

My opinion: OK, I have to be honest...I have never read a Sherryl Woods book, so I don't knw about The Sweet Magnolias series and can't refer to it in this review. I focused much more on the recipes given. I happen to love when authors do recipes and/or cookbooks for their works. I must admit that I have found some rockin' recipes that way and, in my humble opinion, this book will not be an exception.

I loved this book though. I swear I am a misplanted Southern girl cuz I love Southern influence in my recipes and this book has it. Not only does it have it, but it presents it in an excellent variety of recipes. In this book, one will find libations, appetizers, main dishes, veggie/side dishes (farmer's market), ethnic, desserts, and my favorite, a low fat section with yummy looking dishes!

Source:Harlequin through Netgalley

Would I recommend? : All I can say is that it is already in my Amazon preorder cart!

Stand Alone or Part of a Series: Not sure!

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